Pokie Games

When Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1887 in San Francisco, he called it the Liberty Bell, but he had no idea that this machine would be so popular as it is today. Nobody knows exactly how many machines there are in the world, but there must be millions. In the bigger casino’s only a number of several thousand is not uncommon. But since we have internet we can play the pokie games like Wolf Moon or even Starburst without leaving our houses and that’s why you are reading this words: to find out how it works and what you can expect.

It all started with simple poker machines and later with fruit machines, where symbols of fruits and bars were used on three reels and often only one row. The first machines did not know any payout. When a player had some luck on the machine he went to the counter where a drink or a cigar was given to celebrate the winning combinations. These good old fruit machines are still seen in a number of bars and clubs, but manufacturers did not sit on their hands and developed new pokie games for the machines with more reels and rows. In many parts of the world the pokie games are called slots, but in Australia and New Zealand they are called pokies, named after the first machines that in fact were primitive poker machines. The big breakthrough in these type of games came with the rise and shine of an intelligent machine, that was able to produce complicated calculations in seconds and could be used for storage of data and text as well. It was called a computer and it changed our lives in a way that we could never imagine when the first machines were shown: enormous mainframes, served by special trained people, that spoke a new language, that no normal person could understand. That changed when smaller chips and other parts led us to the personal computer. With millions of customers now at hand a new profession was born, the software developer. And these developers do have the key to all the pokie games.

Of course the first software was meant to operate the computer and to make it suitable for general purposes like writing and calculating. But soon simple games like Packman came into life and in a few years we could buy special gaming computers like Nintendo, Playstation and Segam but we will never know if the present success of all these games would have the same level nowadays when another development wouldn’t have crossed our path. In communication we started with inventions like the telephone and telegraph, followed by telex and fax. Suddenly it was possible to get a message in a split second to the other side of the world. But it looked all completely outdated when universities in the USA confronted us with a revolutionary new way of communication, called the world wide web that allowed us to send messages with sharp pictures and documents real time all over the planet. Not only that, we were able to share and exchange all available information and nowadays we are in the middle of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Some people are online from the moment they wake up till they switch off the light in the late evening. What did that mean for the pokie games?

The development in pokie machines and pokie games never stopped and the brick and mortar casinos are more popular than ever. In some parts of Asia it is achieved to outdate Las Vegas as the biggest casino town in the world. That is now Macau, followed by Singapore and with a lot of new land to be developed for huge casino resorts, as is happening in Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Hainan. Many casinos are dominated by the pokie machines, lined up by the hundreds or even the thousands, with hundreds of fantastic pokie games, all possible by software, that of course improved with every new release. Another industry also saw new means in the pokie games: the film industry, that made deals with the software developers of the pokie games like Microgaming, Net Entertainment and all the others. New and exciting titles are to be released, based on famous comics and movies. The only limit is that the online casinos are often looking for software providers who can deliver a whole package of casino games, poker and supporting software for managing their clients database systems and security of data and transactions. That’s why most of the online casino operators do not have all the popular pokie games, but only a selection of them. But there is also good news, because on sites like this one we support several online casinos and together they will certainly offer the whole pack of pokie games. We do not mention all of them here, but the selected games on the homepage of this site belong to the best what is offered in the market. In Best Pokie Games we introduce these pokie games and tell some more about them. Apart from that we describe each and every game on separate pages, that will appear when you click on the name of the game.

So, now you know how it all started and where we stand today. It is not done yet. Many new titles will be released, we see fantastic new 3D pokie games and new and refreshing mobile devices found their way to the market so overwhelmingly fast, that each software provider is running head over heels to release adjusted pokie games for these mobile devices. That’s the way we went: from the big pokie machine, called the Liberty Bell, now in a museum in Reno, to the handheld personal computer called the smartphone. And in all the years that are behind us and are ahead of us, the simple fruit machine is still there and still in use, as well in bars and clubs as in the online casino’s, where they still appear to be very popular. That’s good, that we don’t throw away anything that is improved. We wish you a lot of fun with the pokie games, that are offered on this website.