Alien Robots Pokie

Who does not dream about a nice handyman in the house, that does everything you want him to do and only says bleep, bleep, to confirm your orders. When such a robot comes out of a factory in Japan or Germany , with a decent description and a five years warranty on all moving parts, it’s very useful and a real asset to our inventory. But what if such a robot comes out of space? Maybe that is just a little bit over the hill, but in the Alien Robots Pokie they look very nice and friendly and you will certainly go to like them a lot. Especially when you have them with three in a row on a winning bet line.

Somewhere in an American magazine it was stated that over 50% of all Americans believe in UFO’s and 10% of them claims to have seen an UFO at least once in their lifetime. In science fiction movies we often sea human or animal beings on board, very intelligent and they always have robots to stand by and to do a lot of jobs. Sometimes the robots are part of an army, which makes them a lot less sympathetic and this is what concerns us when we meet robots in Alien Robots Pokie. Are they as nice as they look or will they suddenly transform in killing machines, turning against us in a scene that has nothing to do with playing a game like Alien Robots Pokie.

Well, let us first try to calm you down a bit. We have played Alien Robots Pokie completely and in no way these robots showed any trace of violence or disobedience whatsoever. The only thing we regret in this game is that we only see five of these robots and a same number of playing cards. The scatter symbol, that is responsible for the Free spins mode, is a kind of a flying saucer, but we think that the software boys and girls of Net Entertainment could have done a lot more with the theme of Alien Robots Pokie. But the looks are cheering us up and gives the idea of a better world with these type of robots, alien or not. The lay-out of the game is as usual with five reels and three rows. There are 30 bet lines and 243 different bet combinations. Is that overdone? No, as you won’t try to know all the possible winning combinations by heart. Just trust the game, it will not deceive you thanks to the use of the Random Number Generator, that guarantees a certified pay back rate of each game and assures the players that every spin is a matter of coincidence, and so it is in Alien Robots Pokie as well. That rate by the way is 96.3% with all bet lines and 243 bet combinations active. There are five different bet levels in the game and you can vary the value of the coins between one and fifty cents. To all players that only want to play Alien Robots Pokie when it contains a bonus game or a nice jackpot, we have to bring a somber message: neither of them is involved in the game. But let us have a look what is in Alien Robots Pokie and what we can make out of that. There is a Wild, that in normal working hours just replaces other symbols to increase winning chances but that in the Free spins mode transforms (only the Wild does that, not the other so sweet looking robots) in a Sticky Wild, expending all over the reel, where she appears on. That can only be reel number 2,3 or 4 as well as in the Free spins mode as in the normal game. Alien Robots Pokie is a generous game in the Free Spins mode with that Sticky Wild. When during Free spins the Wild appears it will first do what she always does and then, profit or not, she changes in a more mystic type that expands all over the reel. As she will stay in that position the other reels are spinning again, with new chances to win some coins of course. There it stops unless another Wild symbol appeared in the meantime, cause she will also expands and make the other reels spinning around. When you have the luck to gather three other scatter symbols in the Free spins mode, you will be rewarded with additional free spins, that are automatically adjusted to the balance of Free spins you still have.

Alien Robots Pokie is in fact a simple video slot, with a nice Free spins game and funny symbols. We will not describe it as one of the best pokie games ever, therefore it is a little too easy done with the graphics and the lay-out of Alien Robots Pokie. But a lot of people just like the easy games and our operators try to serve each and every one of them. Robots never sleep, but it can take some time before they can land on earth and that’s why the Autoplay function is very handsome. You can spin the reels around and look through your astronomer to see if you can spot flying saucers or other UFO’s. The Autoplay will stop when the Scatter games is reached, so you will still be in charge when something exciting is happening in Alien Robots Pokie, like expanding Wilds. We think that there will come up more science fiction pokie games and many of them will be more star wars related or something like that than it is in Alien Robots Pokie. We see more and more corporation between software developers and movie makers so there is a lot of work to do in space. We will welcome the results of the brainstorming in the office of Net Entertainment, thanking them for now for Alien Robots Pokie.