Blood Suckers Pokie

Blood suckers will get you when you are lost in a swamp and they were used for medical purposes in former times. But those are little animals while Blood Suckers Pokie is about human creatures, better known as vampires. Normally you are not going to invite them in your home, but they are enjoyable in books, movies and in this pokie.

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The common names are Dracula and Frankenstein, but the theme has become so popular in movies, that we can describe hundreds of them. And most of the times they are portrayed as normal human beings, only triggered by the full moon or the snow white neck of a beautiful young virgin. The stories teach us that vampires need blood to survive, like we eat bread, vegetables, fish and meat. Today the vampires can live a lot more comfortable, because we now know about blood transfusions, so they can easily buy the stuff from laboratories instead of hunting down innocent and unsuspicious people. When you start looking at the Blood Suckers Pokie you see immediately that this is not one of those ordinary pokie games with easy graphics, produced on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This is the real work and we recommend it as one of the best pokie games that Net Entertainment ever produced. Why? Because Blood Suckers Pokie has everything that you like in pokie games.

When you face the lay-out of Blood Suckers Pokie you will immediately see that there are only symbols in use, that are related to the title of the game. No symbols of playing cards but only real figures, together creating the proper atmosphere that you wish for yourself when you play a game that is normally not too good for your blood pressure and heartbeat. And Blood Suckers Pokie is just a game like that! The objects that are shown to us are well known to everybody that ever saw a Dracula movie or some other phantom pictures. Garlic of course, the cross on the Bible and that other religious element, holy water, apart from a number of human beings you don’t want to meet in the dark alley in the neighborhood your mother told you not to be there without parental supervision or a few bodyguards. Mathematically spoken Blood Suckers Pokie is a normal game with five reels and three rolls, offering twenty-five bet lines. There are four bet levels with a coin value between one and fifty cents.

The features are excellent, not only by their appearance, but also what they offer you as extra opportunity to win some coins, that you can transfer into money when you leave the game. The Wild is a tempting young lady, so tempting that she is probably the reason that underage young men are not allowed to play these games for money, because they would spend it all to see her active, raising the speed of their blood stream and the sound of breathing. Blood Suckers Pokie offers a traditional Wild, apart from her beauty of course. It replaces all other symbols, so that your luck can mounting up, but there are no tricks like expanding on a reel of something like that. That part is given to the Free spins symbol, a scatter that gives you ten Free spins when you see three or more of these symbols on your screen and it doesn’t matter where they are. The lady that brings you these extra spins is representing how you expect a vampire to be, after diner so to speak. In Blood Suckers Pokie however she has a really nice side because she triples the winnings that you gain during the Free spins game and that’s always very welcome when you play pokie games.

Blood Suckers Pokie has an exciting bonus game but before you try to get there, we have to warn you. It is not a bonus game that suites peaceful people without a blink of a dark side or evil in them. So, when you are an angel or a fairy, stop right here, enough is enough. But if you don’t mind to use some violence when you are in danger, you can continue. Why these warning? Because you have to combat vampires in the bonus game. You are in this game when you have three bonus game symbols on one of the 25 bet lines in Blood Sucker Pokie. The symbol can’t be missed: it is bloody and shows some tools you don’t want to see your children with. You are about to enter a crypt, where a number of coffins are stored. In these coffins you find vampires, but instead that they stay dead, as normal people in coffins do, they get alive and want to drink your blood and because you don’t like the idea you have to pierce them a bit, so that they give up this crazy idea of using you as the afternoon tea. The nice part of all this is that you get a lot of coins for every eliminated vampire. And as long as you open coffins with vampires, pierce them and get the coins, Blood Suckers Pokie will not stop to reward you. This lasts till you open the wrong coffin, that contains bats, very grateful that you release them but here ends the bonus game, although you may keep the winnings and continue with the regular game. That’s all we want you to tell about Blood Suckers Pokie, that you can play as a free pokie game as well in most online casino’s. It’s a highly recommendable game with nice features and a fantastic bonus game. So try it and experience Blood Suckers Pokie in a world of vampires and unusual objects, but try to calm down a bit after the game, before you go to bed. Otherwise you will see the vampires back in your dreams and then you will not be rewarded when piercing them!