Boom Brothers Pokie

Being a miner is rather dangerous. A miner is working under the ground and faces a lot of risks. One of those risks is the use of dynamite and every miner can tell you that there is nothing funny on using it. In the Boom Brothers pokie however, they think it is a jolly sport and they use it whenever and wherever they can. Boom is the name and Boom! is what you hear from them…

The first thing you notice when you look at the graphics is the great care that the software boys and girls from Net Entertainment spend on to the lay-out of the game. All symbols are related to the theme, which means that the so often seen symbols of playing cards are totally absent here. The symbols are funny and so is the game Boom Brothers pokie: funny. It’s better to tell you instantly now, that you can indeed play this game for fun, as a free poker game that is. But we will describe the game as it is played for real money, because only when you put in real money, you can get out real money. You can’t play for the jackpot however, because there is no jackpot in Boom Brothers pokie. But what there is, is great. A nice feature as the Wild, with a second chance option, a rewarding business when you are in the free spins mode and an excellent bonus game, that’s what they have in mind for you in Boom Brothers pokie.

The lay-out is a feast for the eyes and only because of the lovely graphics and symbols we tend to call it one of the best pokie games of Net Entertainment, the producers of Boom Brothers pokie. The only common thing is that there are five reels and three rolls with twenty bet lines for the winning combinations. There are five bet levels and the coin value can be varied from one to hundred cents. Looking at the paytable of Boom Brothers pokie, we see that the brothers themselves are not on the payroll. That’s because they are not in the game as symbols but as a kind of a Rat Pack with special assignments. (For whom the words Rat Pack means nothing: have a look at Google for it). The Boom Brothers show up from time to time to enlighten the moments that you are gaining some coins with a winning combination. That enlightening stuff in the Boom Brothers pokie is of course a result of the heedless use of dynamite, the favorite party item of all misters Boom. Another thing they do in the Boom Brothers pokie Theatre is supporting the function of the Wild in the game. The Wild itself cannot be missed in the game but sometimes one of the brothers is coming up to give you a second chance by spinning again one of the reels. You have to play the game to see how nice that can work out in your score! There are also free spins to have, of course only when you gather three or more free spins symbols on the screen. It is a scatter, so it doesn’t matter where you see them, they just have to be there. How many Free spins can you earn in the Boom Brothers pokie? Well, you will see the symbols spinning around there axes and when they stop doing that you will have an outcome how many Free spins are awarded. The more, the better of course, for there is also a multiplier available that multiplies your winnings during the Free spins round by three. And that’s good value for money, we think.

The best part of Boom Brothers pokie is the bonus game, activated by the Railtrack symbol that acts like a scatter and will give you that bonus game when you have at least three of those symbols on the screen. What you see next is a kind of railway emplacement with three different rails, with on each rail a lorry manned by one of the Boom Brothers. The thing is that the rails are not complete. So first you have to finish the job of the railroad workers and then you can start the bonus game. Each rail has five segments and all three brothers will try to reach the end of the track, winning a certain amount of money for you, which will of course be celebrated with fireworks et cetera. Their energy is coming from you! Beneath the rails you see three lorries filled with objects and each object stands for a certain part of the railtracks. So by making a choice you automatically put one of the brothers forward until one has successfully finished his track. At the end of each track you see a minimum and maximum number of coins and by reaching the finish one of the guys in the Boom Brothers pokie will hand out your reward that is somewhere in between the give figures. There is a minor chance that all three brothers fail to reach the finish, but that chance is not so big. It only happens when after the five maximum attempts still no one brought it to the end.

So, this is what you have to do to play Boom Brothers pokie. First you go to the ship and buy a miners helmet with a lamp on it. Don’t forget the spare batteries for the lamp, because you can’t play when you are in the dark. Ask your partner, your father, your mother, or your bank manager how much you will spend at the max and stick to that. Play the game and adjust the sound of your computer system to a level that does not damage your hearing. Keep in mind that exploding dynamite is making a lot of noise. Suck up a little bit with the brothers, because they can make a difference for you in the special features of the Boom Brothers pokie. That’s all!