Casino Pokie Games

What brings us to a brick and mortar building where we can play a number of casino games and numerous machines with a lot of casino pokie games. Is it just the fun, is it the excitement, is it that you are gambling a few bucks with other people around you, who do the same without shame? And how long are we doing this now? We try to find some answers for you…

Playing games itself is of all times. We probably started with games, where we learned to develop the skills that we need to survive: hiding, running and hunting. In fact, most of the games that children play outside, not spoiled with modern toys for a moment, are of the same kind. No child is thinking then of casino pokie games, that do in fact have a lot of these elements in the games, but that comes later. Proof that games of chance are as old as mankind too, are not available, but we found in Pakistan a pair of dices that are exactly the same as our dices and they must have been used in a game or maybe as an instrument of fortune tellers. A number of casino games are said to have their roots in the old China, but again, there is not much literature near at hand that can evidence it. One thing is for sure: casino pokie games are not of those times. In literature we find something about a game called Ventiuna (twenty-one) and that is definitely a game of chance, nowadays pointed out as Blackjack. And the writer who described the game was no one less than Miguel de Cervates, the originator of Don Quichotte, you know that’s the guy who combatted windmills. He would have loved our times, because windmills are built all over the earth and even in seas. This was in the beginning of the seventeenth century. Again not a trace yet of casino pokie games. Games of cards were there quite some time, but with no decent means to print them, they were handmade and quite expensive. From the medieval ages we inherited stocks with cards with erotic pictures, so there was more fun in that time than we might think.

Casino games were played in the ‘dark’ ages in Italy, that was not the Italy that we know now, but a number of kingdoms and other regions, where noble people rained. The fortunate people lived in palazzo’s and palazzina’s and very often there were garden houses built on those properties, and these were the places where they played games and where we learn definitely of the presence of casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, but of course no casino pokie games or pokie games at all. But we definitely know where the name casino began, because a casino was the name of the garden house in Italy. Enough history for now, we try to pick up the trail of the games of chance and that brings us to another continent that we now as America, where people of many European countries were looking for another and better live, away from wars and poverty in their homelands. Of course they all brought in something of their culture and so we find some games of cards and other gaming forms that are still played in casino’s know. Just for the normal people blackjack and poker were the most popular games, because you could play it with only a stock of gaming cards, just sitting in the street or at the kitchen table. Some casinos were built and the games entered the more sophisticated entourage of a place where you could gamble and have some drinks. This leaded us to resorts where you can find a huge casino, a hotel and a number of bars, restaurants, shops and very often even a theatre, where famous stars are performing night after night. Those were the days that people everywhere were inventing machines to ease the hard labor and to find better and faster ways of transport. No wonder, that different people were trying to invent machines that could play the well-known games of chance of the casino. The casino pokie games got the name from poker of course and this was the game that was first tried out in machines. We do not know when and where the first machines were successfully shown. They were not driven by software of course but it was all mechanical. The spinning of the reels was done by a handle and that gave us the fantastic name ‘one armed bandit’ still be used today. The first machines did not pay out anything. When you had a winning combination, you went to the bar to get a reward there, but no millions were involved, a beer or two was enough reward for the winning game. That changed when Charles Fey invented the first slot machine that was able to pay out and from that time we see a real development in casino pokie games. That started with simple games with three reels and one row, where you had to gather a fruit or a bar of the same kind. The got known as fruit machines and fruit games, and this type of casino pokie games is still existing today, not only in bars, clubs and casino’s but also in a few games, that online casinos offer on the world wide web.

And now we have casino pokie games by the hundreds. The introduction of computers and later the internet made it possible to offer those games on every corner of the street, in pubs and cafes and of course in the fast growing online casinos. Software made it possible to have multiple casino pokie games on one machine, but still you can find thousands of those machines in the bigger casino’s on the land. They will probably never disappear there and many casino pokie games are first developed for these machines and later on for the operators of the online casinos.