It is very important that you, as a player, are able to communicate with us. But for most questions we are the second one in line, because you will always try to contact your online casino first when there is a question About the pokie games, about payments,, transfers, the way they handle your personal data and so on. So when do you use the contact form on this page to communicate with us?

Of course you can you ask us anything regarding our site itself. For example when you have noticed that some information is not correct or when you have a question how to navigate. It is possible that you want to know something about pokie games that we are not describing on the site. We only made a selection, but that does not mean that it stops there.

There are many questions that can pop up when you want to play for real money. Is it secure, what transfer methods are the best, are my data safe when I pay through the internet, can somebody else see my credit card details and so on. We have not build a site that is overdone with this kind of information. The online casinos that we selected are the best in their field. They provide you with all the information you need to make an account, which ways are open to transfer money in your account, how you can withdraw money from your account and which procedures you have to follow. The most important thing is that the providers can be sure that you are entitled to play, that you are not a minor for example. So you have to follow a procedure to have the online casinos verified that you are really the person you claim to be. Nothing more, nothing less. But you have to do that only one time and then you can play the games without all those formalities, but still responsible for protecting your data from other people, be it a minor or your neighbor. It has no use to contact us that your son played away a few bucks on pokie games from your account and how you can get that money back. Change your password and never make that mistake again.

We are an affiliate of the online casinos that are promoted on this website. That means that we have a relationship with the providers of all the lovely pokie games, you can play there. It also means that we are paid for our services and the fact that we bring you there. Knowing that you may ask from us if we are willing to mediate when you have a problem with one of them. On the other site of the lines there are always human beings working on your relation and that means that something can go wrong. And sometimes it is not so easy to find a solution. When you think that you are not correctly answered whatsoever, you can always contact us and we will try to sort it out. That’s why we have this contact page

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