Geisha Wonders Pokie

Geisha’s- commonly known as entertainment girls or literally translated “performing artists” – are a phenomenon since the early years of Japanese history.

Since the early 600’s these were girls who were abandoned by their families, or had no family left and searched for a way to make a living. Some chose to sell sexual services while others chose to entertain high-class families and accompany them at various gatherings as a sign of wealth, just as in Geisha wonders pokie, where the geisha icon is symbolic for winning free spins and doubling the profit, increasing your wealth.
in charge in Devil’s Delight, surrounded by a number of other creeps and tempting objects.

While in the beginning these performing girls were more sex orientated and stayed at so called pleasure quarters, their profession grew out to be a highly respected one. One which requires years of education and also earns an above average income in Japan.

The modern Geisha, from approximately the 1800’s until this day, fills her days with entertaining guests at tea party’s and other gatherings with her traditional Japanese dancing and singing, putting a smile on everyone’s face in the room.

While playing Geisha wonders pokie you will soon find out it’s not only her Japanese owners and guests faces the Geisha puts a smile on. Completely in Japanese style Geisha wonders pokie draws you in a genuine oriental atmosphere with its enchanting Japanese theme sounds in the background throughout the game and well known Japanese symbols for the slots as the lucky cat (Maneki Neko), The hot tea Geisha’s serve, the orange, blue, green and purple Japanese lanterns, the Japanese fan, the bonsai tree, the tranquillity Buddha and last but not least, the Geisha herself.

Not only is this wonderful game a lot of fun, Geisha wonders pokie has five reels and a total of thirty bet lines. Geisha wonders pokie is quite a simple game where you have to have 3 or more of the same symbols in a row on (one of) your betline(s). There is a paytable in the lower left corner to see precisely what you can win in Geisha wonders pokie. And in combination with various bet levels ranging from 1 to 4 multiplying the coin value to increase the bet and different coin values ranging from €0.01 to €0.50 you can choose exactly how much money you want to stake as well as how big a possible return you possibly want to receive. And for the players who are not interested in just playing a game for fun or for relatively low returns, Geisha wonders pokie offers, unlike other pokie games, not one, but (yes can you believe it?) two huge jackpots. The wonder and the mega wonder jackpot. The jackpot symbols are stars and to win the wonder jackpot you need four of them. To win the Geisha wonders pokie mega wonder jackpot you will need a total of five stars. These two jackpots are progressive, so every time random persons start to play Geisha wonders pokie a part of their stake is added to the jackpot, and with many thousands of online players around the world you can imagine it certainly is worth giving the Geisha wonders pokie a try!

In Japan the Geisha is a guest lady who is not only very entertaining and fun, but also extremely generous towards the people she serves not only with beverages and food but also with her lovely dancing and singing.
In Geisha wonders pokie this is not different. The Geisha in this game symbolizes the scattering token, which allows you to have free spins rounds starting from 10 rounds to a maximum of 30 rounds depending on how many scatter symbols you receive. And to make it even more interesting for you, the free spin rounds in Geisha wonders pokie also offer twice the payback of any winnings!

Besides the scattering and jackpot tokens there is one more symbol in Geisha wonders pokie that has a special meaning. This is the wild token with the tranquillity Buddha symbol. The tranquillity Buddha can replace any of the normal tokens in a bet line to make one, or even more rows in your spin winning. How nice is that?

Geisha wonders pokie is a wonderful game you can totally play on your own level because of al the different bet lines, bet levels and coin values. You can play Geisha wonders pokie with high or low stakes and Geisha wonders pokie provides two jackpots with great money prizes. Keep in mind that the chances of winning one of these jackpots are higher with a greater bet. Another nice thing about Geisha wonders pokie is that you can play it for free from operator Net entertainment productions so the total amount of money you are willing to spend and simultaneously want to win is completely up to yourself.

Although the Geisha profession has changed a lot through the centuries, and has always been popular in the past, it’s dying out nowadays. With only a handful of genuine Geisha’s still left in Japan you would think that the time where the Geisha’s entertained and served other people is almost over. But thanks to pokie games we don’t have to be afraid of losing this remarkable phenomenon, and even better, now not only the Japanese masters of the Geisha’s but everyone across the whole world is able to enjoy the generosity, fun, but most of al the entertaining skills of the legendary Geisha while playing Geisha wonders pokie.

So do not hesitate step into this enchanting oriental world of Geisha wonders pokie en let yourself be properly entertained by these traditional Japanese guest ladies!