Ghost Pirates Pokie

Ghost Pirates Pokie, a Caribbean story.
Pirates. You fear them when you are on the sea, you love them when they appear in a book, a comic or in a movie. The mix of adventure, freedom and villainous behavior has always triggered a lot of people. Of course, the real practice was no fun for passing ships and passengers. At the best you had to pay a ransom, at the worst nobody ever heard from you again. But sometimes pirates were also freedom fighters, serving the governments of the seafaring nations and so they could become heroes. Like in Ghost Pirates pokie for example.

Strange enough we have no spooky stories of ordinary sailors from Liverpool or Amsterdam, but we have a number of stories about ghost ships like the Flying Dutchman. This could have been the inspiration for a book that was written by William Hope Hodgson in 1909, that was called The Ghost Pirates. We mention it here because it was the base for a Disneyland attraction and later for the movie with the same name with Johnny Depp starring. And this movie gave the inspiration to the game creators of Net Entertainment under the original name Ghost Pirates pokie. But there are not so many pirates in the game as you might expect. But the atmosphere is well represented and that’s what it’s all about in pokie games with an historical tincture. Let’s have a look at the lay-out of Ghost Pirates pokie, trying to find out why it is regarded as one of the better pokie games of Net Entertainment.

The game is played on five reels and three row, as most of the modern online pokie games. A special effect is here that we don’t have 20 or 25 winning bet lines , but at the max we have 243 different winning combinations. You may count them if you like, we take the word of NetEnt’s people for it, being the makers of Ghost Pirates pokie. The graphics are very nice and some of the symbols are highlights in the history of pokie games. You can bet on 5 different levels and the coin value that is give varies between one and fifty cents. You don’t have to take all 243 winning combinations for granted, you can also choose for 3 of them, 9, 27, or 81 and at the end 243, completing the five bet ways there are in Ghost Pirates pokie. Who amongst you was good in math at school will have memorized that the number of choices is repeatedly multiplied by three. But without this gift you can also play the game, don’t worry. The secret of the winning combinations is in the matter that rows and reels are in use for them. The middle row is always in use, but the other rows are more active involved when the number of bet ways is higher. Of course all compartments are active when the full 243 bet ways are ‘online’. Looking at the symbols in Ghost Pirates pokie we see all remarkable attributes that you expect on board of a ghost ship. The main characters in the game are a ‘lady’ with the outspoken name Peggy Rotten, a real mean sailor One-Eyed-Ed, a monkey with the name Monkey and a parrot, called Polly. Other symbols are a couple of guns, a canon, an anchor and some other things that you can find on a pirate ship. In Ghost Pirates pokie we have a skull as the Wild, doing what Wilds are fore, namely substituting other symbols to increase the winning possibilities. A big case, full of jewelries, is the scatter symbol that entitles you the rights on free spins. Depending on your bet level you can win 10 to 25 free spins with a 3-fold multiplier.

So far we are really mad about the game, but unfortunately it stops here in Ghost Pirates pokie. We don’t care about missing a jackpot or something like that, but we would have expected a nice bonus game here, like pirates digging in the sand, looking for a treasure of capturing a Spanish galleon but there is nothing of the kind. We went a few times through the paytable and played the game several times, hoping that suddenly something would pop up, telling us that we were in the bonus game, but in vain. There is an Autoplay in Ghost Pirates pokie, so that you can mix a drink with rum and coke while the game goes on and you can switch on and off the sound, but there is no more to tell. But the 243 winning combinations and the many Free spins you can win, having the profits of the multiplier, is quit something of course, so you will not be bored while playing this game. With 15 free spins we had a profit of 2185 coins, playing at the highest level, which can also be read as just over one thousand dollar. So, even without a bonus game you can mount up your coins without moving your hands for the Free spins do all the work of spinning themselves. Oh, just for the record: the theoretical return to the player in Ghost Pirates pokie is between 95.3% and 96.9%, depending on the number of bet ways played. And of course you can try it out without spending any money, just for free as most pokie games admit. So, come on board of the ship, say high to the parrot, shake hands with the captain, drink a bottle of rum, beat up some Dutch or Spanish congeners and don’t show any fear when it is your turn to climb to the crow’s nest. Then you are fit for the job in Ghost Pirates pokie. Oh, better to tell you now and here: hands of the lady on board please, the captain and other ‘officers’ are rather quick with keelhauling offenders of written and unwritten rules!