Gonzos Quest Pokie

Gonzo’s Quest, avalanches in the jungle.

Once upon a time the Spanish ‘conquistadores’ were told by Inca’s that somewhere in the jungle an enormous source was hidden. Not a source with water but with pure gold. Well in fact it was a lake, so there was water and there was gold. This place is known as El Dorado till today and it’s the idea for Gonzo’s Quest pokie.

The little man Gonzo is starring in this slot, but what he did not know, just as many other people, is that El Dorado was not a place, but a person, a local king that was bathing in the lake every day and came out of the water with a nice body lotion: he was completely covered with gold. This lake was called ‘Parima’ and whether this story was true or not, it is the basic idea for a lot of adventure tales, movies and now also Gonzo’s Quest pokie. It is one of the most popular pokie games and that’s a kind of a miracle because it has no jackpot and no bonus game. And Gonzo himself is a funny guy, but he is no Harrison Ford, also known as Indiana Jones. The movies and Gonzo’s Quest pokie game may be popular, the story behind it was a very sad example of the misery that people can bring over themselves when greed is taking over the better nature of mankind. A number of expeditions ended up in sickness, death, exhaustion and fights between the gold diggers and the Indians. They found a lot of gold but instead of making pictures for National Geographic, they robbed the gold to finance the wars in Europe. They never found the lake, but they did find a river, the Amazon, so called because the team of the man who leaded this expedition (Francisco de Orellana) was attacked by a group of Indians, who were all women. Nowadays there are still expeditions in this region, but they are meant to find more about the history and culture of the Inca’s and other people who lived there before. That’s better than to steal and to kill peaceful people. Do you have to kill anybody in Gonzo’s Quest pokie? Well no, but you have to expect a lot of dust because this game is not played by spinning the reels, but it’s done by causing avalanches and as you learned in school: they can be very annoying.

The use of these avalanches is a good catch of the people of Net Entertainment, who produced Gonzo’s Quest pokie. It’s nice to see the rise and fall of the stones, which are marking the symbols in this game. The stones are covered with strange faces that you can find in different cultures in the Middle and South of the American continent. They all have the same dimensions, otherwise the wall would be a mess. How did Gonzo there? Well, our little friend was on a ship when he discovered a map (it’s always about maps in treasure stories). He took the map, jumped off board and disappeared in the jungle, where we find him back as a kind of supervisor in Gonzo’s Quest pokie. The idea with the stones is very clever, but is somewhat difficult to recognize the Wild and the Free spins symbol. The Wild is a simple one, just replacing other symbols, without any lust to expand over a whole reel or whatsoever. The Free spins are actually called ‘Free falls’ in this game and the symbol for it is not a scatter, so you need three symbols on a bet line from the left to the right. You will deserve ten Free falls in Gonzo’s Quest pokie and an increased Avalanche multiplier. We will explain now what that is and how it works.

When you look at the lay-out of the game, you see 5 reels and 3 rows, as usual in video slots. You also see that there are 20 bet lines and we can tell you in the same whiff that there are 5 different bet levels and that you can vary the value of the coins between one and fifty cents. The most remarkable object is the sign with the multipliers, called X1, X2, X3 and X4. It is the heart and soul of Gonzo’s Quest pokie. The normal mode is X1 which means that your winnings are multiplied by one, which is of course a lot better than being halved. When you have one or more winning combinations after an avalanche the multiplier will go to X2. Having done that the winning symbols will disappear, causing a new avalanche and the remaining symbols will fall down and new symbols will appear to fill the whole scene up to fifteen symbols again, because in Gonzo’s Quest pokie we can’t work with more or less symbols. It’s fifteen and fifteen only! Of course you can have new winning combinations after the extra avalanche and the party will continue with the multiplier throwing up to X3 and even to X4, the maximum you can reach in the normal mode in Gonzo’s Quest pokie. Please, pay attention to these last words, for now we are going to tell you about the Free falls feature. During the Free falls fun the same multiplier is present but now with multipliers X3, X6, X9 en X15 and with these kind of multipliers we are really in business when the stones are a bit helpful. Looking over the possibilities of this game the Free falls game is in fact a bonus game as well. The effects of the falling stones are probably the reason, why this game is so popular. We can tell you not much more about the game, but we can’t leave these pages not telling you that you can play Gonzo’s Quest pokie as one of the free pokie games and that we will definitely list it as one of the best pokie games, not because of the many features, but because of the original lay-out and idea.