Jack Hammer Pokie

Jack Hammer Pokie, heroes in the best American tradition.
In the whole free world a man is known from decades of starring in comic books, that were published for over 45 years in the United States and many other countries around the world. The name of this brave detective is Dick Tracy, also acting in a movie during the end of the last century. This all-time hero stood model for the CEO in one of the best pokie games ever produced: Jack Hammer online pokie.

But history first, for it would be a petty to play the game without knowing anything about the background of Jack Hammer pokie. The comic Dick Tracy was published for the first time in 1931 and was brought to an end in 1977. The man who gave live to this character was Chester Gould, who lived from his 21st year of age in Chicago, dreaming as a young men of drawing a comic for the Chicago Tribune. He succeeded in publishing some strips so now and then but in 1931 his first Dick Tracy strip was published, the start of a road, not to say a highway, of fame that ended up in a number of famous newspapers in his homeland and 27 newspapers outside the States. Although a few movies came out earlier in the forties of the past age, the most famous one was produced in 1990 with Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman en Madonna starring. For each and every one of them you would go the cinema, but Chester Gould could not witness this pack of stars: he passed away in 1985. In all his active years he used the same drawing board, which still can be seen in the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy museum in Chicago. So now you know that in the middle of the action in Jack Hammer Pokie you are taking advantage of a great history in comics. Of course Jack Hammer is the main character in this highlight of pokie games but there is also a nice blond lady, based on the character in the Dick Tracy comics, called Tess Trueheart. Actually Chester Gould let the two marry in 1949! Where there is a hero and a pretty lady, there is also a villain. In Jack Hammer Pokie the villain is named Dr. Evil Wüten and we don’t like him. What we do like is the lay-out of the game, with five reels and also five rows. There are 25 bet lines, filled with symbols that are all related to the theme of Jack Hammer pokie. We see Jack Hammer of course, the lovely lady and the mean villain, beneath a number of attributes that are part of the daily action of a comic hero. The newspaper of course, the telephone (not a smartphone in those days), a zeppelin, a fast car (for those days) and so on. The graphics are great and so is the game Jack Hammer Pokie.

There are three features in this game. Of course there is a Wild, replacing other symbols to give you some more chance on winnings, there is a scatter symbol that is responsible for the regular emission of free spins and there is an extra feature called the Sticky Win. Let’s start with the scatter symbol, a kind of explosive, so be careful, that normally gives you free spins when there are three or more on the screen. But due to the two extra rows it starts in this game when there are five scatters present, which gives you 10 free spins. The more scatters, the more free spins with a maximum of 30 Free spins when there are over 8 scatters on the same screen. A very warm welcome we give to the multiplier in Jack Hammer pokie, because all winnings in the free spins mode are multiplied by three. But the heart of the game, so far it concerns your possible winnings, is the Sticky Win. It’s not a symbol, it’s a very pretty function that starts his job when you have a winning combination, something that you have almost all the time in a game with 25 fields. The symbols in a particular winning combination are all put on hold, while the rest of the scene is spinning again. As long as new winning symbols or combinations are coming up, this act of charity will repeat itself. You can imagine that the numerator sometimes has some trouble to keep up with the score, for the Sticky Win feature in Jack Hammer pokie is really, really profitable. In fact so profitable that the people of Net Entertainment, who created this game, probably shared the opinion that in fact they did enough and that a bonus game was of no extra value in Jack Hammer pokie. We regret that because we think that a bonus game would have given great opportunities to show some action that we experience when we read the comics of Dick Tracy. A kidnapping of the lady for example with you coming in action to assist Jack Hammer to get her back, out of the hands of Dr. Evil Wüten, who now is a villain without a real job in the game. But maybe they wanted to leave something open for a next Jack Hammer (2, 3 or 4, who knows) or maybe that their budget was not enough to get more features in Jack Hammer pokie.

However, Jack Hammer pokie is a game with a lot of action, thanks to the two extra rows and the Sticky Win. The fantastic graphics and the possible profits during a lot of free spins rounds and of course the great winnings that are extra awarded when the Sticky Win is active, make this video slot a real asset to the pokie games, that you can find on this site. You can also share it among the free pokie games, that are available, so you can see first and play for real money later.