Mega Joker Pokier

Ever since the first slot machines were invented about a century ago they have proven to be extremely popular amongst the people. While in the early days the biggest prize you could win from one of them was a packet of cigars or a free drink in the scarce bar or saloon they were located, nowadays slot- or fruit machines account for about 70 percent of the average US’s casino incomes.

Mega joker pokie may on the first hand look exactly like a typical old-fashioned fruit machine, but soon you will see that it is in fact quite different. Net Entertainment offers this free online pokie game that gives you the good old feeling of winning with a row of lemons or other fruits combined with a chance of winning a jackpot.

The jackpot is not the only thing that is added to Mega Joker Pokie, which differs it from normal slot machines. Whereas any normal slot machine has three reels and five betting lines, Mega Joker Pokie provides an extra three reels and five betting lines which is referred to as the Supermeter. Both the sets of these reels in Mega Joker Pokie have symbols that slightly differ from each over. Where the top set, or the Supermeter, shows green grapes, oranges and green sevens, the lower set shows symbols as treasure chests, cherries and bells.

Just because there are some additional features on Mega Joker Pokie, this does not mean the game is much harder than the traditional pokie games are. With the original 3 reels and 5 bet lines, in combination with either bet level 1 or 10 and several different coin values ranging from €0.01 to €1,- you are able to bet exactly how and how much you would like to.

Mega Joker Pokie starts in the main game mode. In the main game mode there are only two different levels of betting, either level 1 or level 10. If you bet at level 1, only one bet line is active and depending on the symbols you win that can be found in the pay table, the returns are automatically collected. If however you choose to bet at level 10, all five bet lines are automatically active and when a win occurs you now have the choice to either collect your winnings straight away, or choose to play further with your winnings in the Supermeter mode. In Mega Joker Pokie the Supermeter mode is only accessible if a win in the main game mode occurs with bet level 10 and all 5 bet lines are active. When one chooses not to collect his returns from a level 10 bet on main game mode the Supermeter mode commences. The Supermeter mode in Mega Joker Pokie is almost the same as the main game mode. Despite the different symbols they have, the only actual difference between them is that in Supermeter mode the bet levels and the possible payouts are a lot greater. Where in Mega Joker Pokie’s main game mode the only bet level options are 1 and 10 coins, the bet level options for Supermeter mode are 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins, and all Supermeter mode wins are highlighted in the pay table. This means that not only do you have a greater chance of winning in Mega Joker Pokie by betting more because of the multiple bet lines, but by betting at level 10 in stead of level 1, you also trigger the Supermeter mode which enables you to multiply your bets even more!

Another quite important aspect of Mega Joker Pokie differing this game from any other ordinary slot machine are the Joker symbols, from whom it obviously earns its name. These joker symbols make Mega Joker Pokie even more interesting for you. Playing Mega Joker Pokie in the main game mode at bet level 1, three Jokers on your bet line give a mystery win somewhere between 10 and 200 coins, while playing on bet level 10 (max bet) three jokers on one, or on more of your five active bet lines give you a mystery win between 20 and 400 coins for each winning combination.

While playing Mega Joker Pokie’s Supermeter mode you will find out that the jokers are now totally out of control. Three jokers on a bet line give a mystery win of 1000 coins for bet 20 and 2000 coins for bet 40, 100 and 200. At bet 100 any joker in the middle reel gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins and in bet 200, one or more jokers anywhere in any reel will win between 100 and 2000 coins for each joker and are then added together!

Besides the Supermeter mode and the Joker symbols there is one more feature that Mega Joker Pokie offers you to make this game even more exiting and increasing your winning chances of a high pay-out, and that is the jackpot. The jackpot in Mega Joker Pokie is a progressive one, which means that every time a random person starts to play Mega Joker Pokie, a portion of their bet is added to the jackpot. And with a several thousand of online players Mega Joker Pokie’s jackpot is always filled very decently. The Jackpot can only be won in the main game mode and the jackpot cannot be won when playing for fun.

Mega Joker Pokie is wonderful game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Net Entertainment did a great job in developing a pokie game that captures both the old and new elements of online casino in one game. Mega Joker Pokie is available to play for free, but for the more challenge-seeking players out there Mega Joker Pokie provides enough features to increase your winning chances of high payouts.