Online Pokie Games

When the first computer was tested and took over some complicated mathematic tasks of our bookkeepers and scientists, nobody had the slightest idea that this machine would change our society and our way of communication. Nobody had ever heard about internet and e-mail, let alone online pokie games or other games of chance, that we can play now on our personal computer, pad, pod or some other smart device. And all that is realized in two, three decades.

Many people will remember it well that in the whole office only one computer was working, a kind of mainframe with a number of workstations spread over the employees. Workstations had no own memory, so there was not much personal to discover on those stations. Only the disks could store some data that had no general purpose. Sometimes you could play a simple game like Packman or even chess, but there was no way out, everything was in house, there was no internet and data transmission went over the copper wires of the phone. Pokie games were already there, but only on machines that were built for those games, to be plaid in bars, clubs and casino’s. Online pokie games came available when the internet was realized, in the nineties of last century. The first websites were very slow when you loaded them, streaming internet was simply not available and all went over those same wires of the telephone. But it developed fast, because everybody realized that internet was a fantastic medium to share information, to communicate and to learn. Playing online pokie games has just been made possible, because of all the other developments. Faster connections, better personal computers, faster processors year on year and with rapidly increasing storage facilities. Now we are living with wireless connections, whole areas with fiberglass, internet all over the house and a wide choice in devices, where the personal computer is already a bit old fashioned now. On our desks we see laptops, notebooks, pads and in our pocket or handbag we carry our small personal assistant, called iPod, Blackberry, Android smartphones, replacing our calendars, agendas and watches, that is, if we like them to do that. Gaming is possible on any device we like, thanks to fast wireless connections, and we can bet on the football game now when we have a beer in the pub, play poker in the late evening when we fold up ourselves in a lazy chair and online pokie games are already developed in certain numbers, although not all games. But it is a matter of time that all software and apps that is available for personal computers, will also be available on our mobile devices. Online pokie games are there and stay there.

Online pokie games resulted from what we could experience in the casino’s and playrooms. At first it was just for fun, but especially young people realized what internet could do for them and how they could make a business out of it. So now there are thousands of providers, offering casino games and online pokie games, together forming a whole new industry where billions of dollars are spend and earned and a lot of new jobs are involved. To offer online pokie games and all those other games you have to develop software, so we acquainted with new companies like Net Entertainment, Microgaming and many others, that developed the software of online pokie games and nowadays also the software to bring them to our mobile devices. But more software was needed to make it happen in a safe environment. Players had to open accounts, were changing personal information like bank account or credit card numbers, money had to be transferred and the adults wanted to block these accounts for the minors, who are so familiar with all the modern technics, that they easily have access to everything that internet can offer. They will play online pokie games as easy as adults can, because most of the providers offer them for free as well without asking information about age whatsoever. Only when some youngster is trying to reach daddy’s account or wants to open an account him- or herself, the provider will intervene and ask for an identification. So, other companies got involved to guarantee the safety of personal data exchange and to verify that you are not dealing with minors or with people who are blocked from gaming due to their game addiction.

It is not so easy to offer online pokie games as we would like it to be. In many countries governments tried to block it from the internet, because they regarded it as a threat for their state owned casino’s and lotteries and the racetracks, where you could exclusively bet on horses. But other countries saw new challenges in this business. Malta, to name one of them, started the first real Gaming Authority and developed a framework for operators to be licensed to offer online gaming. For consumers that want to play the online pokie games that we are promoting on this site for instance, it is important to know that the online casinos that are involved have to live by strict rules of their gaming authority to protect the players, to guarantee a safe environment for the exchange of personal data and the money transfers. The next step was that serious providers worked together to create such a safe environment and also joined in their attempt to offer their services all over the planet without limitations, created by borders, monopolies and other restrictions. Indeed, it looks ridiculous that you can’t play Boom Brothers in a certain country, just because the government has the idea that they can make out what is right for you and what is not. Online pokie games should be free available for everyone and it is your personal choice to play them, whether you like to play for real money or just for free. But since you are in now, you can play our online pokie games and we wish you a lot of fun with them!