Play Pokie Games

It took us years to learn to speak in a way that we could make ourselves understandable. In fact we spend a very big part of our live to learn and to study and actually it only stops when we are too old to pick up new things or when we dy. On this page we are going to tell you how to choose and to play pokie games in a way that it is save, brings you fun and hopefully some profit now and then.

To make it easy for you: we have some pokie games selected on this site and each and every game has an extended description, so that you already can learn before you start to play pokie games from our selection. That’s one good thing that we offer you, but there is much more to know about how to play pokie games. Let’s see what is out there, when it comes to the slots that were created after the first pokie machine came alive in 1887. For quite some time there were two possibilities to play pokie games. The first one was based on poker, that lent its name to the machine and the second one was the good old fruit game, an easy play with three reels and most of the times only one row on the screen. Three of the same symbols entitled you to go to the counter where a cigar was offered or a beer. Later on the machine ‘learned’ how to cash out money itself, still with a lot of cheerful ringing bells, and that was the time that you could play more sophisticated pokie games, with other symbols and sometimes special features. Today we are calling such games the classic way you can play pokie games. The development of new software and the experience that was gained through gaming computers like Nintendo and Sony Playstation, leaded to a new type of games, that is officially named the ‘video slot’. Here we see a minimum lay-out of five reels and three rows, with special features like a Wild, that is always replacing other symbols to give you more chances to win, or a scattered symbol that in 3-vold or more entitles you to Free spins very often in combination with a multiplier, so that your profits during the Free spins round are increased when you play pokie games. It is not unlikely, although not always the case, that there is also a bonus game offered and there are a certain number of games, where you can win a jackpot. The best of those games have a so called progressive jackpot, where all players in the universe bring in money for that jackpot. There are examples of jackpots, that paid out a few million dollars to the winner! A rather new type of video slots are the slots that are built in 3D, with often fantastic graphics.

In the time that the first pokie machines came of the assembly line, we were far away from the machines in the casino’s where you can play pokie games with a million dollar chance, which sometimes happens as a matter of fact and not only in movies. There are a number of idiots who still think that they can lead the game in a fruitful way, but that’s completely nonsense. All the slot games, as well in the brick and mortar casino’s as in the online casino’s on the internet, are tooled with a so called Random Number Generator (RNG), that takes care of the most important part of the game: hazard. It’s therefore that we still know the term ‘Hazardous Games’ when we are talking about roulette and also when we play pokie games. Of course a number of lucky combinations are built in, otherwise the manufacturers could not guarantee a ‘return to player’ of 95.67% or something like that. But the idea that you will win the jackpot when you play long enough is ridiculous. Theoretical you can win the jackpot twice in a minute or, unfortunately more likely, never in your life, not even if you spend a fortune on the machines every day you play pokie games.

So here is our first and most important advice: never play pokie games for real money without setting your limits. When you reach the limit, you stop, you take a walk or start knitting a new sweater for the cold days in winter but you don’t play any longer until the moment arrives that you are allowed to spend a new sum of money with again a strict limit to what you can spend. This is the only way to enjoy to play pokie games as long as you do that without worrying how to make up your losses (what you never should try!) or how you have to explain your partner why that trip to Europe is still not booked. You have hundreds of choices to play pokie games but, how lucky, most of the games can also be played for free. The idea, that you can always play free pokie games, is a very pleasant one, because you can find out easily if you like a game and how many chance there is that you can win something. Not by leading your luck, because the Random Number Generator makes that impossible, but with the special features that can bring you luck when something nice happens in the beginning of the game. There are a lot of players who use to quit a game immediately when they have such luck at the beginning of the game and from a players view there is nothing wrong with that.

It is always a good idea, whether you play pokie games for free or for real money to read the info of the game first. It gives you a rather good idea what you can expect. The read the Paytable and then you can start the game. In most of the games you can vary the bet level and the number of bet lines you want to play. You can also vary the value of the coins and so, all together, you are in control of the money you can win or lose!