Robin Hood Pokie

Robin Hood, a shifting game.

One of the most famous legends of all times is beyond any doubt the gentleman villain that was living in the forests around Nottingham, robbing each passer-by that looked rich, and sharing the profit with the poor people in this county. Shifting Riches is the subtitle of Robin Hood pokie and that’s what it is. Who was this guy?

We are not sure that the man really lived or that a number of different stories were melting together in this particular one, but for our fantasy and for this jewel among the pokie games it is not important. There were in fact two big stories in that time, both with a thread around the English King Richard, who was fighting the Mores in far-away Palestine to protect Jerusalem and the Christians over there. This part of the story is not remembered in Robin Hood pokie, but it’s not wrong to have some knowledge about backgrounds of casino pokie games. Richard is always portrayed as the good guy, but his brother John, who replaced him during his absence was less noble and tried to squeeze the farmers and civilians with high taxes, like every normal government does in our times, so what’s new? But John asked a lot of nobles to give him a free ride on their land and there were a number of them, who did not agree with the politics of John and that caused a lot of trouble. Now, one of the al time heroes stemming from this area is of course Ivanhoe, who returned from the Holy Land and got furious when he noticed the mismanagement of John and the other one is Robin Hood, who was not a crusader but one of the nobles that stayed to watch over the land and the farmers. Opposing the policy of John he got into trouble and was hunted by the Sheriff of Nottingham, forcing him to withdraw in the wood and that’s where our story starts, the Robin Hood pokie, produced by Net Entertainment and a great game it is.

It’s quite a normal lay-out with 5 reels and 3 rows and a number of 20 bet lines. There are ten different bet levels and you can vary the value of the coins from one to fifty cents. We were a bit disappointed to see the five playing card symbols, because we like symbols that are related to the theme of the game and we think that a game like Robin Hood pokie could emerge enough nice pictures. We are missing Marian for example and she was the love of his live, at least that’s what the story wants us to believe. But let’s mourn about it any longer and see what is in the game that gives us the idea that we are part of a big adventure. There is something new in the Robin Hood pokie and that are the Shifting Reels. When you have a winning combination, all symbols are shifting to the right, making room for a completely new reel, with new chances to win some coins. At the same time a multiplier is placed in position, from one till five (not working hours) that can bring more profit especially when the Wild is involved in this Robin Hood pokie. Try that out yourself, it’s fun!

Who does not want a bag filled with money from time to time. You can’t spend the money in this Robin Hood pokie but when the man with the golden arch himself has filled one of the chests that are stand by, you will receive 10 Free spins. One of the characters that are featuring in the game is appointed as an extra Wild and from there you can really make some money in Robin Hood pokie. Depending on your bet level you will have extra coins and you will see a scattered symbol, that with only two on the screen will reward you with extra Free spins. Now, how many pokie games are that generous? And since we are sharing these touching thoughts now we are most delighted to tell you that you can leave Robin Hood pokie without losing the moneybags and that for a whole year! It’s not in line with the legend of Robin Hood, because we were told that he always divided the money among the poor in his county. There are more chests available for Robin Hood to fill, even during the Free spins mode. So you can really enjoy yourself not being part of the gang of Sir John and the Nottingham Sheriff, but to have chosen to be an outlaw in the wood!

What more can we tell you? That the theoretical return of the Robin Hood pokie to players is 96.8% which is quite decent. And that Net Entertainment allows you to play it for free, and almost all the operators offer these free pokie games in full. Robin Hood pokie does not support a jackpot and there is a god reason for that. By winning a big jackpot you are at once one of the rich and famous and that means that our feathered hero of the forest has to steal it from you to give it back to the other players who were less fortunate in the Robin Hood pokie. You see that a jackpot does not make sense in this game and that’s why it was left out. Nevertheless we encourage to play this game, because there are not many historical pokie games on this level. It may not be one of the best pokie games ever, but not all pokie games can be seen as that. Even without Marian in this Robin Hood pokie it’s nice to have the illusion to be part of a heroic event where you bother the bad guys and support the poor and sick people around you. Enjoy it!