Scarface Pokie

In 1932 Scarface, the movie, was released for the first time, based on the life of Al Capone. In 1983 the second Scarface came out, but the theme was completely different, based now on the war on drugs. The movie was directed by Brian de Palma and Al Pacino was starring as Tony Montana, a not so nice guy with paranoia traits. This 1983 movie is also used for Scarface pokie, as a result of the corporation between Net Entertainment and Universal Studios.

It is not possible to tell complete stories in pokie games, but you can use symbols, some ideas for a bonus game of course and other elements, that will remind you to the original movie. Scarface pokie is offering a lot of action and that makes up the somewhat poor lay-out with only five portraits, related to the movie and five symbols of card games. The bet possibilities are quite normal with twenty bet lines, ten bet levels and a coin value between one and fifty cents. Those are the basics you need to start a game anyway, so that’s done now, up to your own choice of course. Although the number of bet lines is fixed, you cannot vary on that. When you want to play Scarface pokie at the highest bet level, you simply click on MAX BET and it will settle automatically. The features of Scarface pokie are many and they all can be very profitable. But a warning is in place here: the bonus game is a very violent one, so when you quickly dream of what you do during the day, then better play a game with nice little ladybugs or something like that. Scarface pokie is a tough game and awaits some tough action on your own behalf!

All features in this game are triggered by stacked Wilds. There are three of them, each with their own surprise party. We differentiate the Nudge Spins, the Free Spins and the Bonus Game. They have not only their own feature but also their own reel. A stacked Wild on reel 2 will call on the Nudge Spins, on reel 3 it will be the Bonus Game and that leaves reel 4 for the Free Spins in Scarface pokie. Let’s start with the Nudge Spins, because they are not so familiar in video slots. It is one of the many special features of Net Entertainment: they are really good in it! When a Stacked Wild on reel 2 is appearing it will transform into a Nudge Wild, which is in fact a re-spin to allow you bigger winnings than with a normal Wild. After one re-spin the Nudge Wild will be nudged down one position. During the re-spins the Nudge Wild will stay in position, only the other reels and symbols will spin around. So, this is a nice pleasantry in Scarface pokie , but even more luck you will have with the Stacked Wild on reel 4 that brings you a generous 15 Free spins. The Nudge Wild on reel 2 can still pop up to do his job, meaning that the remaining number of Free Spins will not be reduced as long as the Nudge Wild is active. In Scarface pokie all winnings in the Free Spins mode, and that goes also for the Nudge Wild winnings during the Free Spins, will be multiplied by 3. This is as a matter of fact the right time and place to tell you that de Scarface Wild is also active as a normal Wild when it is not appearing as a Stacked Wild. Also during the Free Spins rounds this Wild can pop up to raise your winning chances.

A Stacked Wild on reel 3 will bring you in the Bonus Game, the one that is not suitable for weak nerves as we told you right from the beginning. The main character in the movie and in Scarface Pokie is Tony Montana and in this bonus game you have to protect him from the hunting squad, led by Alejandro Sosa. Tony is not exactly barehanded in this bonus game. Before the bonus game starts his gun will be loaded with bullets or even a grenade. The difference between these two types of arming is that the bullets will ‘clean up’ the selected square and will kill the enemies that are so unlucky to be there, while a grenade will also kill enemies in adjacent squares. It’s a bit more effective in a way but it gives the undertaker in Scarface pokie a lot of extra work. Enemies of Tony, who survive the shooting, will come forward and when one of them shows up in one of the four squares, that are nearest to Tony, the bonus game ends.

So now you know what you can expect in Scarface pokie. It’s a lot of action indeed en it is also a lot of fun, despite the fact that the hero of the game is not a very nice guy, not in the movie that is. When you are a bit fat up with this character, but still want the play to continue, you can also use the Autoplay. In this mode you can choose how many spins the Autoplay will handle and you can lean back and count the winnings or losses in the game. With a theoretical return to player of 96.8% there is a good chance that you end up even or with a nice profit, but that is in all pokie games. Of course we can adjust this game to the free pokie games as well, because the developers of Scarface pokie have not the intention to squeeze you out, before giving you the opportunity to experience how Scarface Pokie works. Being one of the better games of Net Entertainment, Scarface pokie is a real attacker and so highly recommended by our team. After the game you better forget how the main characters are making their money. It is not a recommendable profession after all!