Starburst Pokie

Starburst, a real eye catcher.

This is what our diary says about the word Starburst. It can be:
1. A pattern of lines or rays radiating from a central point
2. An intense and sudden episode of star formation in a galaxy
3. A camera lens attachment that produces star shapes of reflected light
4. Subject in the popular Starburst Pokie game

You see, playing games can be very useful, you can always learn something that you had no idea of. With the introduction of Starburst Pokie on this page you know how to look up more information about starbursts, if you are interested of course. If not, read on about the Starburst Pokie, because it is a rather unique game, which we will explain in the next paragraphs.

There is only one moment available for your first impression and we think that many people will think that the lay-out of this game is a bit simple. That’s indeed exactly what it is. At first sight you may have the idea that the software developers of Net Entertainment, who produced this game in the second half of 2012, gathered on Friday afternoon with the historical words ‘we have just a few hours left before we are having a drink together, so let’s make a game that is not too difficult and then switch of the light and close the door till Monday morning.’ A paytable with only two pages, what went wrong you will wonder. No Free spins mode, no bonus round, no jackpot, is this a joke? No, it is not, it is a game with a few features that are rather unique in pokie games. Starburst Pokie offers you winning combinations not only from the leftmost to the right, but also from the rightmost to the left. So, what you will see when you start playing is a real outburst of winning combinations. First of all you have to define what you are going to bet in this game. There are ten bet lines, not so many, but that makes sense when you realize that your chances on winning combinations are by far doubled in Starburst Pokie. So let’s choose all lines to start with. The next thing to do is to indicate at what level we want to play. There are ten bet levels and to reach to the sky we go on top of that. The value of the coins can be varied between one cent and one dollar and having the value determined as well we are ready for Starburst Pokie, the game that is. The paytable shows us seven symbols, five gemstones, a BAR symbol and the number 7. The last two symbols remind us to the old fruit machines, where you can often meet these symbols. So, with only seven symbols we are going to find our way in the game. But to do that we must also read the second page of the Starburst Pokie paytable, that tells us about the function of the Wild, an eight pointed star that will only appear on the second, third and fourth reel. The Wild replaces all other symbols as usual, but it will immediately expand to cover the whole reel. That’s nice of this Wild, but a second nice thing is that you will have a re-spin with the expanded Wild remaining in place. If another Wild shows up in the re-spin, that one will also expand all over the reel and you will have another re-spin, but now with two expanded Wilds remaining in place. And have a guess what comes now… yep, it can even go so far that also the third Wild in the game can pop up and the whole idea is repeating itself with you having a third and last Starburst Pokie re-spin. You cannot imagine how many winning combinations you can have with three reels in place that is completely Wild. The screen tells us that we can win a maximum of 50.000 coins in this game and why should we not believe that? But telling the story of the expanding Wilds and re-spins we have told you almost anything that there is to know about Starburst Pokie.

We are pleased to remind you to the possibility of playing free pokie games and Starburst Pokie is one of them. The only thing that will not work when you play the game for free is the function with the game history, but who cares. You can adjust a few things like the sound and some key functions and you can use the Starburst Pokie Autoplay and never we saw this function being more useful than in Starburst Pokie. In fact you can play the whole game on the automatic pilot while you are sitting behind with a cool beer near at hand. And in fact that’s another nice feature in the game, because it saves you a lot of energy. Sometimes your connections are slow and poor and in that case you can adjust the resolution of the game, which can help to speed up a bit with Starburst Pokie in a lower resolution. Will you find this game back in our list of Best Pokie Games? No, we don’t think so. It is a nice game with a lovely Wild function and also playing from the leftmost and from the rightmost is a very good idea, but in total it is too little to compete with the more sophisticated games with Free spins possibilities and bonus games. Not to mention pokie games with a jackpot, that always has a special attraction to punters. Starburst Pokie is just a nice in between game, when you have little time or are waiting till your partner is ready for diner. But don’t underestimate the chance on big winnings, because fifty thousand coins in Starburst Pokie can be a lot of money, especially when you have turned the coin value to the maximum of one dollar. Have fun with Starburst Pokie!