Voodoo Vibes Pokie

Voodooism is an ancient West African religion that believes spirits and other divine elements inhabit this earth. Voodooists believe in one creator God called Bondye. But since Bondye is distant, and does not want anything to do with human business, Voodooists direct their worship to Bondye’s spirits called Loa’s. There is a Loa for each aspect in life. Practitioners of this religion also believe strongly in ancestral spirits living by their side. In the 1700’s during the slave trade Voodoo was first introduced into the Caribbean and America, and now, Net Entertainment has introduced Voodoo through Voodoo Vibes Pokie to the whole globe.

Although poking needles into dolls, or so called “Gris-Gris”, strictly to harm people wasn’t originally a part of Voodooism, it is the first thing you think of when hearing the word voodoo. You can imagine that when many different African tribes met in America, their cultures and different kinds of (voodoo) religions slowly melted together over the centuries creating the foundation of what we now know as Louisiana-voodoo. This kind of voodoo almost completely differs from the origin of this West African religion, but does make a hell of a story for horror books and movies because of its witchcraft, zombie rising and other thrilling kinds of (black) sorcery.
Voodoo Vibes Pokie completely captures this theme of voodoo, with symbols as flaming skulls, the voodoo queen, deadly potions, the “Gris-Gris’ dolls and of course one of most important symbols of voodoo, the snake.

Voodoo Vibes Pokie is a straight forward game. The game contains 5 reels and 25 different bet lines for all different kinds of betting possibilities. To win on Voodoo Vibes Pokie, the prize depending on the symbols, you primarily need 3 or more of the same symbols in a row on (one of) your bet line(s).
Amongst with bet levels ranging from 1 to 4 and different coin values ranging from €0,01 to €0,50 you can play the game at any risk you wish.
Although Voodoo vibes pokie, unlike certain other pokie games, has no jackpot, Voodoo vibes pokie does however offer players what they are looking for in terms of bonuses and other high pay-outs. Voodoo vibes pokie provides free spinning rounds and bonus game features where you can multiply your stake to several higher factors.

The wild symbol in the game can substitute for any symbol to make your betline(s) winning, increasing your chances of returns. And in Voodoo vibes pokie the wild symbol is no one less then Baron Samedi, the voodoo Loa of death. Then why would he symbolize a positive aspect in Voodoo vibes pokie? That is simple, because Baron Samedi is also a bringer of life. He can cure anyone of any disease and prevent people from dying, so if you’re lucky he will grant you another chance in life. Simultaneously in Voodoo vibes pokie, if you’re lucky Baron Samedi could pop up and help you win you some cash.

Long before the voodoo God Bondye lived in the sky and didn’t want anything to do with human businesses, this God lived amongst the people and had is own peaceful vegetable garden. After his vegetable garden got robbed multiple times by his own servant, god decided he was sick of living with the people and moved up. He transformed his servant into a rainbow symbolizing that he now was the gatekeeper for heaven so that he could never enter heaven himself. For humans however this rainbow was an utterly unpractical symbol and they searched for something to represent it. They came up with the snake, which is until this day still one of the most precious Voodoo symbols.
In Voodoo Vibes Pokie the snake is the scattering icon and also no less than of the most precious symbols in the game. In Voodoo Vibes Pokie the scattering icon will, depending on how many icons you receive but starting from 2, multiply your returns and also give you free spin rounds ranging from 10 to 30! And if that’s not already generous enough, all winning combinations on the free spin rounds have a tripled payout.

The voodoo dolls are worldwide the most famous object when it comes to Voodoo. Although most people think of them as some kind of satanic object used to harm helpless people, the dolls are in fact used far more for different, harmless purposes. Gris-Gris are both the objects used in Voodoo to provoke magic and the act itself. There are countless numbers and types of gris-gris but all of these can be split into four categories: Love and Romance, Power and Domination, Luck and Finance, and Uncrossing, which is the act of undoing something that has been done.

The gris-gris in Voodoo Vibes Pokie symbolize the bonus game tokens. Having three or more Voodoo doll symbols on your bet line will trigger the Voodoo Vibes Pokie bonus game. In this bonus game you will be stabbing Voodoo dolls on bookshelves filled with different amounts of money prizes. Voodoo Vibes Pokie allows you to stab as many times as your winning combination of gris-gris on the bet line, so ranging from 3 to 5. Having said this, I think It’s safe to say that our Voodoo Vibes Pokie gris-gris belongs to the category of Finance and luck. You need a slight bit of luck to have a 3 to 5 winning combination of Voodoo dolls on your bet line, however when this occurs your financial prospects on Voodoo vibes pokie will be looking pretty good.

Voodoo vibes pokie is a game which operator Net entertainment allows you to play for free. The money you want to bet and simultaneously want to receive is all up to yourself and this wonderful exiting game offers free spinning rounds and bonus games for ultimate pay-outs. So give Vodoo vibes pokie a try, and be sure to receive a helping hand from Baron Samedi, the snake spirit or the Vodoo dolls in making a few bucks!